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Advertise your Weed company on BudsMap! Let your customers have an easy way find you. BudsMap has optimized our search directory for your 420 company listings to be promoted and shown in all the major search indexes. Submit your company using our simplified shopping cart and gather new clients the easy way!

Listings = Dispensaries, Delivery, Doctors, Labs. Plus Shops!

Submit your listing to BudsMap. Select from the categories.

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(Launch Special – while we are debugging the site)

A Free Listing = Use the online form and create your detailed profile. This is a pre-launch special. Once we go active this opportunity will go away forever. Create your profile now and be fathered in with a free profile.

Listing Basic $20   = Name, Address, Logo, Phone, Time
Listing Premium $40 = Name, Address, Logo, Phone, Time, URL
Listing Maximum $60 = Name, Address, Logo, Phone, Time, URL, Photos, Blog, Email, Social Profiles. This level includes optimization help to rank it better in the search engines.

Banner Advertising

Submit your banner ads to BudsMap. Select from the location codes.

Pre-Launch special = send me your graphics and a url.
Let me test our advertising system with your content!

Home Page Mega Sidebar Banner = $3000 per month = No Rotation 300 x 600 pixels
Category Sidebar Banner = $600 per month = 20 Banners in Rotation 300 x 250 pixels
Content Banner = $400 per month = 50 Banners in Rotation 728 × 90 pixels (random locations)
Home Page Footer Blocks = $1200 per month = 8 blocks, No Rotation 125 x 125 pixels


Featured Deals
BudsMap Deal of the Day $300 per day! = Top of content area on every page and included at top of daily news email.
*all in one map page not included

Classified Free = Name and Address

Classified Basic $25   = Name, Address, Logo, Phone
Classified Premium $50 = Name, Address, Logo, Phone, Photos, URL
Classified Maximum $75 = Name, Address, Logo, Phone, Photos, URL, Featured 7 days

We will be using an Ad Network to populate our advertising space.

Job Listings

Job Board Listings $30 = Classified jobs board one listing
Job Board Listings $300 = Classified jobs board twenty listings (manager level)

Upload Your Videos

Video Upload $10 = Requires a premium membership

BudsMap has all the places in an easy to search format for the Weed Buds industry! Share your opportunity and make someone happy they found you on BudsMap!

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Advertise Your Weed Company On BudsMap

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